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Why DD Real Estate Pattaya ?

We are specialize in Selling and Managing rental properties for the owner such as:

House | Villas | Condominium LandCommercial Building

financing support


We can help you prepare for every financial situation. Dealing with all those tons of documents is not easy at all. So, let us support you along the way.

investment icon


Should I buy this property ?
What is the real market price ?
Do I have a chance to succeed ? Let we help you with your investment plan in Pattaya.

Law icon


We all know that doing something without concerning in the law is dangerous. We can guide and support you all the way until you get what you came for.


We are well known in Rental market. We have a lot of traffic every day for the renting.
We have our professional team to manage from the beginning of reservation part until finish the room re-setting process.